Is there anyone out there?
by uploaded: 05-01-2012
It's been a long, long time. But I feel the stirrings within. Could it be time to resurrect bint magazine? Hell, I can barely remember how to format my words, let alone upload an article.

But hey, Celebrity Big Brother is back on, and I think that bint needs to comment, don't you? I'll try not to keep you waiting five years this time. But while I contemplate Nat Cass's chin and Nicola Mclean's, erm, brain, please do follow us on Twitter at @bintmag. More soon.

the bint poll Missing us, missing you   [polls archive]
We've been dormant for quite some time now, but what we really want to know is... Just how much do you miss bint magazine?
More than words can say As much as meat loves salt Let me count the ways... Not much
The number one cup

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